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Hyena Service Tool

Manage E-bikes Effortlessly

We provide complete after-sales service when e-bikes are on the market. Hyena Service Tool assists our business partners in supporting their e-bike dealers in optimizing the maintenance work of e-bikes and the end-user experience.

Simple Way To Support
Your E-Bike Dealers

Based on the Hyena cloud, bike shop technicians can easily check all electronic components’ detailed information and status on the dashboard, including checking the riding data and adding or swapping the components. All the maintenance history will be uploaded to the cloud.

Effective Maintenance

All the maintenance issues related to electronic components are under your control. All the maintenance, part replacement, and system usage history reports of after-sales e-bikes can be generated through Hyena Service Tool. Bike technicians can save them as PDFs or print them.

Automatic Diagnosis And Update

Automatically diagnose the e-bike system and update the firmware when connected to e-bikes via Bluetooth, which greatly reduces the tedious maintenance process. If it requires manual diagnosis, it provides step-by-step guidance in easy-readable animation. When the e-bike has system issues, technicians can check the error code list to identify the malfunction and follow the instructions for troubleshooting, keeping e-bikes in the best condition of performance of the drive system.

Smart Performance Setting

Apply the advanced setting to adjust the riding performance to provide personalized riding experiences for riders.

Personalize Performance

Bike shop technicians can easily adjust the performance setting according to the different riding needs of riders, helping create the most ideal cycling journey.

Global After Service

More than that, Hyena set up local service centers in North America and Europe to offer thorough technical consultation and training support to optimize the whole after-market service. Our online claim platform and local service ensure timely delivery of warranty and aftermarket parts.

System Requirement

Suggest system requirements Intel CORE I3-6006U or better CPUs, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 or Mac OS X v10.11. For more details, click here.

Connection Requirements

To connect a computer to the Hyena e-bike system via the Hyena Service Tool and access the full app functions, the following conditions are required. Hyena e-bike system kits with all components use HAP 2.0 protocol, also equipped with Bluetooth integrated HMI (LED Multi, LED Chip, LCD Compact EX). Use the iConnect2 Bluetooth dongle to connect the e-bike.

Need Any Help?

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