Hyena Rider Assistant​

Manage The Bikes & Smart Parts Easily Any Time​

When the e-bikes hit the road, the Hyena Rider Assistant smartphone app is the perfect companion for riders, offering an enhanced and more convenient riding experience with intelligent features for a fantastic cycling journey.

E-Bike Information Overview

With a user-friendly designed dashboard, all the e-bike information is at riders’ fingertips, and all the e-parts’ status is under control.

Data Analysis & Records

Riders can check the precise ride data after their efforts with weekly, monthly, and annual overviews of riding and health status, as well as access their route history and other records. All the data is securely collected in the cloud database for easy tracking and analysis.

Personalized Smart Settings

Support riders to adjust the power level setting precisely and adapt to different riding plans in real time. With our innovative firmware algorithm, we help the motor power output be more efficient and sensitive according to personal needs, satisfying daily commutes and weekend joyrides.

OTA Firmware Update

With the Hyena cloud service, riders can instantly update the system firmware over the air, ensuring every e-bike is always updated to the latest version to maintain the best riding performance and keep it fresh for every journey they’re on.

Personalizable Dashboard

Hyena Rider Assistant provides everything riders need to read during their efforts. Freely choose a total of 15 different riding information on the dashboard, e.g., current speed, average speed, odometers, range.

How To Connect

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Compatible Phone

Android, Android 7.0 or later
iPhone, iOS 13 or later
Bluetooth 4.0 or later

Connection Requirements

To connect a smartphone to the Hyena e-bike system via the Hyena Rider Assistant and access the full app functions, the following condition is required: Hyena e-bike system kits with all components use HAP 2.0 protocol, also equipped with Bluetooth integrated HMI (LED Multi, LED Chip, LCD Compact EX).

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The MRT-A250 rear hub motor provides power for the e-bike with less maintenance required. It features a smooth and silent run, also the direct power distribution makes the bikes easier to handle. Compatible with threaded freewheel.


Rated power

250 W

Rated voltage

36 V

Wheel size

26 - 28 "


120 mm / 135 mm

Outer diameter

141 mm


2.7 kg

Max. Torque

40 Nm

No-load rpm



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