Hyena is an R&D company specialized in e-bike technologies. We provide a turn-key solution for bicycle brands and manufacturers to build high performance and intelligent e-bikes.


Hyena technology offers customers standard e-Bike kits and friendly-combined systems. Every Hyena e-bike component is designed to work with each other which allows customers to diversify their product portfolio.


We provide e-bike system design and production services based on your specific needs including hardware and software.


We provide a variety of e-bike technical consultant services including internal training, sales training, and courses opened to the public. With our extensive experience in the field of e-bike, we can help you optimize your system quality, ride performance, after service, and production.

EN 15194 / ISO13849

Hyena e-system kit has passed Regulation for EPAC including product safety, EMC, low voltage and RoHS. This means the e-bike with Hyena e-system can be legally sold in EU/NA markets.


Taiwan has advanced IT and bicycle industry chains. Here, we work closely with both IT and bicycle industry partners to present cost-effective high performance EPAC products. Coupled with the recent global trade war, “Taiwan export” minimizes the impact of tariffs and retain the profits you deserve.


All of the Hyena e-bike system components can be freely combined.You can select and combine parts to suit your design specification. Any combinations of Hyena e-systems are able to work with our software products such as rider app and service tool. Try to find out what is your best configuration of e-bike.

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