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E-Bike Software Platform &
Cloud Service

Hyena E-Bike Digi-Ecosystem is a data integration platform constructed by four application software suites, providing digital & cloud service to brands, manufacturers, dealers, and end users throughout the entire e-bike lifespan. The ecosystem unites e-bike system products, technology, and software in the end-to-end process to achieve a visible information network.

From manufacturing to hitting the road, the e-bike production history, test report, system information, bike status, and riding data are all well-integrated and traceable to optimize efficiency and maintain quality. In addition, we help connect users and e-bikes seamlessly, allowing them to manage e-bikes effortlessly.

Hyena E-Bike Digi-Ecosystem creates a new solution for a strongly connected e-bike supply chain, enhancing the technologization and intelligence of the e-cycling industry.

Factory Tool System

Smart Manufacturing

Automatically and digitally manage the manufacturing process and functional testing of electronic components.

Permanent Module Number (MID) Marking

Ensure each electronic component can be constantly traced from the production stage.

Cloud Management

All the information on electronic components is uploaded to Hyena cloud for effective management.

Bike Tool System

Bike Model Management

Digitally connect system components to the e-bike, upload system information and bike status to Hyena cloud to improve the efficiency of e-bike assembly and management.

Precise Setting And Inspection

Maintain precise specification and parameter setting of every e-bike model, through complete inspection and record to achieve the best quality control.

OTA Firmware Update

Advanced OTA firmware update technology keeps e-bikes to the latest version at any time for the best riding performance.

Hyena Service Tool

E-Bike Status Overview

All the e-bike statuses and information are synchronously accessed to the Hyena cloud and can be checked clearly with the intuitive interface.

Automatic E-Bike System Diagnosis

Provide bike shops with complete assistance in quickly identify the malfunction of the drive system from riders’ bikes, following the instructions for troubleshooting and solve them.

Keep E-Bike Up-to-date

Connect with e-bikes for automatic firmware updates, maintaining the optimal functioning of every e-part to support for stable and smooth riding performance.

Hyena Rider Assistant

Riding History Review

Every adventure will be automatically saved to the Hyena cloud via HRA. Easy to view weekly, monthly, and yearly riding time, speed, and distance for historical tracking of riding performance.

OTA Firmware Update

With the Hyena cloud service, riders can update their e-bikes anytime, anywhere via Bluetooth connection to keep the best riding experience in the connected e-cycling world.

Personalize Performance Setting

Set up and fine-tune the riding performance suitable for different riding plans, including power level setting. Riders can also adjust the accessories setting to adapt easily to their requirements.

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