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At Hyena, we are committed to caring for people and the planet from the development of our products through our manufacturing and supply chain. We believe that our technology will play a vital role in overcoming global sustainability challenges.

Environmental Health & Safety

Compliance and Continuous Improvement

We adhere to both international and local laws and regulations, establishing an EHS management system to correct non-compliance and continuously drive improvements.

Sustainable Operations and Carbon Reduction

We implement measures to reduce energy and water consumption, minimize environmental impact, and maintain effective operations, fulfilling our responsibilities to society and stakeholders.

Hazard Prevention and Risk Management

Through regular EHS audits and continuous improvements, we aim to minimize the occurrence of hazardous incidents and provide a safe work environment for all.

Education and Inclusive Participation

We conduct EHS training and education, promoting awareness and understanding of EHS principles and encouraging the participation of all employees.

Conflict-Free Minerals Policy and Declaration

Hyena is dedicated to maintaining resilient and sustainable supply chains that uphold high product quality and social standards. Our commitment extends through every stage of production, from sourcing to manufacturing.

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