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Smart Performance

Our Know How

Hyena drive systems bring power to support all the forward-moving performance until arriving at your destinations. Our development team builds a great firmware architecture well-coordinated with the controller and sensor to achieve stable power and speed output.

Having constantly integration tests and adjusting specific firmware settings optimized for pedal feels, we are dedicated to providing superior, highly-efficient power and the incomparable smoothest riding experience in any road condition.

Real-time Motion Detect

Hyena system adopts a torque sensor to detect various signals, including pedaling torque, cadence, speed, and motor feedback, sending data to the system controller. Through Hyena’s intelligent algorithm, we ensure the communication between the sensor, controller, and motor is seamless and sensitive to different actual conditions, letting the drive system provide precise corresponding assistance in various cycling scenarios.

Create Your Distinctive System Performance

Hyena’s innovative firmware program converts the drive system performance corresponding to each group of sensor signals into dozens of adjustable parameters. During the development phase, we allow e-bike designers to adjust and implement specific ideas of the riding behaviors, flexibly tailoring the riding sensation to suit different types of rides. This enables our partners to create your brand-unique, natural, and perfect e-bike characteristics.

Hyena E-Bike Tuner

An Efficient Way To Customize E-bike Riding Sensation

Hyena E-Bike Tuner application is a developer tool designed for bicycle brands to manage the e-bike firmware configurations themselves. We support e-bike designers and engineers in tuning and testing the riding performance firsthand through the internet and Bluetooth connection. All the parameter configurations can be exported and well-stored in the Hyena cloud for further tracking and management.

System Default Settings

To help our partners easily and quickly adopt Hyena drive system kits to the e-bike. All the standard system kits are pre-programmed with specific riding performances for different riding conditions. Based on these basic settings, you can further adjust your e-bike performance via our modular firmware technology.

Need Any Help?

Whether you want to have a tech chat or start a project, we’re here for you.

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