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Hyena New HMI Model

Vivid Compact

Handlebar All-in-one HMI


 Vivid Compact is our third-generation all-in-one HMI solution designed with enhanced ergonomics and features large, easy-to-use buttons for effortless e-bike control. The upgraded 1.8″ TFT LCD screen delivers exceptional clarity and showcases more detailed riding information with a crafted interface.

Optimum control and intuitive handling

The handy size makes all the operations convenient. The optimally readable screen with a clear user interface helps master riding smoothly.

Multicolored display support as a clever guide

Support every ride with comprehensive riding information and a bright color scheme, ensuring seamless navigation and quick access to your e-bike’s capabilities.

Readily Available

All-in-one HMI offers easy access for riders, always within reach, ensuring convenient control of every aspect of the riding experience.

Versatile Display

Various color displays make it effortless to switch between support modes while riding to maintain consistent, clear visibility under different sunlight conditions, ensuring rider safety.

Always Up To Date

Constantly transmitting and refreshing data in real-time ensures your e-bike’s status remains current at all times.


Number of button

4 Buttons

Display type

1.8″ TFT LCD


Bluetooth 5.0 / Hyena 6P

Waterproof level


Mounting Parameter

Mounting position

Left handlebar

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