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Newest Updates

Launch of the "Activate" Function to Optimize the E-Bike Management

Starting in March 2024, all the new e-bike models powered by the Hyena system will feature the new “Activate” function. This feature revolutionizes the way to manage e-bikes and brings different benefits to bicycle brands, dealers, and e-bike riders.

Quick Setup to Activate!

In Bicycle Shop

Dealers can assist riders with the activation process by connecting to our Hyena Service Tool software application to synchronize the bike data and system status into our cloud-based database.

On The Road

With the Hyena Rider Assistant app, riders can easily pair their smartphones to the e-bike HMI themselves through Bluetooth. This quick and straightforward activation process marks the beginning of their enhanced cycling journey.

Before Activation

Before the e-bike is activated successfully, the HMI will display the following conditions that prevent normal usage of the e-bike. If the e-bike has not been activated, the HMI continues to blink upon powering on as a reminder.

Screen flashing

Light signal flashing

Benefits for Bicycle Brands

  • Master the usage and distribution of e-bikes efficiently
  • Every e-bike is registered to reinforce the quality assurance process

Benefits for Dealers

  • Optimize their operations and services by easily tracking activated e-bikes
  • Efficiently manage warranty claims with a mature processing system

Benefits for Riders

  • Guarantee comprehensive warranty registration for all after-sale concerns
  • Enable to provide timely updates, technical assistance, and an improved user experience

Need Any Help?

Whether you want to have a tech chat or start a project, we’re here for you.

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