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Smart Integration

Unparalleled Advanced Integration

An unforgettable e-bike starts with an impressive riding performance; that’s what we keep pursuing. Hyena has been committed to creating the best e-bike drive system and leveraging cutting-edge integration technology for over a decade, helping our partners produce the greatest e-bikes on the market.

Reasons For Choosing Hyena Drive


Perfect Unity And High Coordination

Hyena E-Bike Systems is revolutionizing the e-bike with the drive system design. Our state-of-the-art core technology is the integration of controlling, driving, and software bridging that make every electronic part works together as one, responding to accurate power delivery according to user commands. The perfect unity and high coordination bring a seamless and reliable e-bike riding experience.


Flexible And Highly-precise Firmware Technology

We develop mature and stable firmware modulation algorithms, enabling various riding performance settings, such as power level control, speed control, and torque control, to be tuned and managed precisely to help brands create distinctive and desirable e-bikes. It also utilizes safety protocols to optimize system protection, extend motor and battery life, and diagnose potential system problems.


Automotive-grade Communication And Scalability

Hyena systems employ automotive-grade processors and CAN-based connection design for rapid and reliable communication between all the electronic components and adopt advanced bionic computing to simulate the actual riding conditions. It provides a smart component scalability solution, allowing the drive system to connect with other e-components, like lights, brakes, locks, and shift mechanisms, so that the e-bike can be safely operated and customized with various features. All these features can be managed through software applications.


Digitalization And Connectivity

In addition to achieving a high degree of integration, we have established a cloud-based software platform to support our partners throughout the e-bike lifespan. It collects all the data and status of e-bikes that can be tracked whenever needed, optimizing efficiency and maintaining quality. Our software development allows for broader compatibility and expansion functions to improve the overall performance of the e-bike. With software and drive system integration, all data can be connected and uploaded to the cloud synchronously for e-bike updates and maintenance. Experience smart integration of Hyena’s comprehensive e-bike solution, making your e-bikes the perfect choice for cyclists.

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