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Lifespan Support

A Smarter & Efficient Way To Dive-in Your E-Bike Project

From manufacturing to hitting the road, Hyena provides comprehensive technical support and services in the entire e-bike lifespan, assisting you in managing your products effectively and maintaining the best quality.

E-Bike Development Stage

When our business partners decide to jump into e-bike development, in addition to providing high-quality e-bike drive system units, the experienced Hyena team also provides technical consultation and suggestions about design and configuration. With the prototyping support, our partners’ ideal e-bikes will promptly be ready to market.

E-Bike Manufacturing Stage

Hyena’s dedicated service team offers on-site support and software operation training to partners’ cooperated manufacturer to optimize assembling efficiency and ensure quality. No matter which system configuration choices making for e-bikes, all electronic parts will be identifiable and guaranteed in the future, achieving comprehensive system management.

E-Bike After-sales Stage

All the Hyena system-powered e-bikes are supported by our Digi-ecosystem platform for help with the best management. Based on this, Hyena’s NA and EU local service centers provide our partners with technical consultation and training for dealers, dealing with different after-service circumstances on the market and ensuring timely delivery of warranty and aftermarket parts.

E-Bike Keep Evolving

To keep optimizing user experience, Hyena system e-bikes will stay up-to-date with OTA software updates. Plus, future connectivity features with the Hyena cloud service and applications will make them even better. We promise to make sure every e-bike is always running at its peak performance in every corner of the world.

This Is Not The End Of
The E-Bike Journey

Need Any Help?

Whether you want to have a tech chat or start a project, we’re here for you.

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