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Mid Drive System

Hyena’s UniDrive mid-drive unit, born from our profound e-bike system design expertise, delivers on-demand power across diverse terrains. With compact dimensions and lighter weight, it outperforms other mid-drive units due to its integration-optimized design.

Precision. Power. Balance.

Experience the road with seamless integrated, natural support, and enjoy an effortlessly intuitive boost.

Our Core Technology

Our industry-leading drive system integration technology guarantees dynamic ride quality on demand. The fully integrated drive system incorporated a controller and sensor to analyze torque and cadence signals, adapting to diverse riding styles and delivering precise power efficiently.

We offer enhanced motor control and flexibility for a range of performance settings, catering to different ride preferences with both full-power and sustained-power options.

Mid-Drive Solution

UniDrive 70

For city & trekking & light MTB

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