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Start Your E-bike Project

Create your e-bike with us

E-bikes have found their place on the trail. Every second bike in the near future will be an e-bike. Hyena offers a comprehensive solution and service to help our partners create their ideal e-bikes with a lower barrier and better quality.

Producing Components

Design for manufacture is our philosophy, we build in plenty of self-test circuits at the development stage, which makes automation at manufacturing possible. We also develop cloud-based jigs to collect test results of these components. Eventually, every single component from Hyena is well controlled and traceable in the market.


No matter what combination you select from Hyena components pool, we make your favorite combination functioning in your sample bike. If performing certification of a complete e-bike always makes you a headache, we could be the best doctor to cure you by getting certification for you.

Assembling E-bikes

Installing different electronic components into an e-bike on an assembly line is always challenging and time-consuming. Our own developed software tool not only assists operators in verifying the functionality of an e-bike but also links frame numbers and electronic components together for complete traceability. In addition, a dedicated service team offers on-site support at the first batch to optimize assembling efficiency.

Ready to start?

Whether you want to have a tech chat or start an e-bike project, we’re here for you: talk to your e-bike consultant today.

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