No Worry for Service

Hyena Service Tool allows the e-bike to connect to your computer and assesses for system conditions. Any issues that arise prompts the correct technical instruction for service. This allows bike shops to easily identify and solve the issues of the e-bike.

-Easily figure out e-system failures and repair the bike
-Master e-system status and service history
-Web based design for both PC and Mac

Tracking in Cloud

All bike information from manufactured to daily use is collected in cloud including warranty and service records.

Easy to Do

Step by step, just follow up diagnostic guide. Every technician can
easily figure out e-system issue by online service tool.

Online Master

All technical instructions are collected and well classification in cloud.
You can browse it or search by keyword or code.

Smart Approach

Our rich experience in e-bike is integrated into service tool.
It uses a way of combining technology and industry knowhow to serve every bike shop.

Customizable Items

-Web execution icon
-Startup screen
-Brand information
-Increase or decrease functionality

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