A better riding experience with smart connectivity

Hyena Rider Assistant provides users precise travel information and e-bike drive system status to achieve smarter e-bike management.

Get your new riding experience!

Hyena Rider Assistant is compatible with only Hyena Drive System e-bikes. The app is available for both iPhone (iOS 12 or later) and Android (7 and later).

Manage the bikes and smart parts easily

Design for seamless interactions between users and the app, all functions and operation procedures are clear at a glance. 

Planning the ride smartly
The “Range  Map”  function allows  riders to plan the cycling route based on the remaining battery level and riding support level. The map also shows up all the available bike service stations, riders can find their best match shop by the filter.

Explore the world with the available range under different riding support modes.

Check the bike service station on the map. Add it as your favorite shop if you like it.

Save your most frequently visited addresses and navigate via Google Map.

Discover the best-match or nearest shop by the shop filter.

Customize Dashboard

Hyena Rider Assistant provides everything riders need to read during their efforts. Freely choose a total of 15 different riding information on the dashboard, e.g., current speed, average speed, odometers, range.

Data Analysis

Riders can check the precise ride data after their efforts, including weekly, monthly, and annual overview of riding and health status, history routes, and more records. All the data are collected in the cloud database.
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Smarter security

When equipped with iLock, riders can either unlock the e-bikes via the app or set it to auto-unlock mode. Once the smartphone connected to the bike via Bluetooth in 2 meters, the e-bike will automatically unlock itself.

Always up to the date

Update your e-bike system firmware to the latest version by the Rider Assistant.

Brand new smooth riding experience

When equipped with iShift, riders can apply customized gear settings via the app. During riding, the derailleur will automatically switch to the suitable gear based on current riding conditions detected by the e-bike drive system.

More wonderful functions

5_Hyena E-Bike solution_SW_Rider assistant app_Floating Window
6_Hyena E-Bike solution_SW_Rider assistant app_battery

Charging reminder

Preset the battery charge reminder at the specific percentage to keep the battery in its best condition.

7_Hyena E-Bike solution_SW_Rider assistant app_filter

Customize Performance

Personalized your exercise intensity by adjusting the riding performance at different support modes.

9_Hyena E-Bike solution_SW_Rider assistant app_smart reminder

Smart Reminder

Notifications for regular maintenance, new system firmware version released, and system error.

9_Hyena E-Bike solution_SW_Rider assistant app_troubleshooting


Check the error code and basic troubleshooting when your e-bike has issues.

11_Hyena E-Bike solution_SW_Rider assistant app_shortcut


Rider Assistant supports Siri Shortcuts, deliver riders a quick way to apply actions on the e-bike with the app.

* iOS only
10_Hyena E-Bike solution_SW_Rider assistant app_floating window

Floating Window

The Mini floating window lets you monitor the most important e-bike status without leaving the app you are focusing on.

* Android only

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Connection requirements

To connect a smartphone to the Hyena e-bike system via the Hyena Rider Assistant and access the full app functions, the following condition are required. Hyena e-bike system kits with all components use HAP 2.0 protocol, also equipped with Bluetooth integrated HMI (LED Multi, LED Chip, LED Compact EX).

Compatible Smartphone

Android, Android 7.0 or later
iPhone, iOS 12 or later
Bluetooth 4.0 or later

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