A Better Ride Experience

Design for rider. The Hyena Rider Assistant app provides you a complete travel information and system status to manage your bike. Not only this, to pursuit a better ride experience, you can check system online and update the firmware through the app.

-Interactive and dynamic design
-The best assistant of ride
-Manage your bike anytime

New Dynamic Interface

Simple and more interactive design you’ve never experience.

Explore Anywhere

Embedded with Google Map, you can find somewhere to go here.

Find Your Best-Match Shop

You can see the shops on the map just in a glance. Through shop filter,
it will showyou the best-match shop nearby you at current. Add it as
your favorite shop if you like it.

Smart Reminder

Follow up the notification and do something to keep your bike in good status. For example low power, warranty expired, firmware update…, etc. Plus it also cares your health if you are few to ride your bike.


-An amazing riding experience
-Synchroizing with your ride
-A good assistance for ride


-Check your time and shop for service
-Review your ride
-Review your bike status

Customizable Items

-App execution icon
-Startup screen
-Brand information
-Increase or decrease functionality

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