How we achieve
both performance and
incredible natural riding feel?

Hyena e-Bike System

Not just a bike with a motor, the E-Bike system is more a bridge that connects human and technology. An E-Bike system requires the synchronization of hardware, firmware, and software to build a perfect link between the rider’s movements with the drive.

Core Technology: Best E-Bike System Design

Multi-Sensor Responsiveness

During the trip, Hyena e-bike system detects various signals including pedaling cadence, pedaling torque, current speed, motor feedback, road slope, and gyroscope signal (while connected to the rider app), and then analyzes these signals to discern the riding status to let the drive system provide precise corresponding riding assist while maintaining natural “bike-like” riding experience.

Select Your Unique riding experience

Firmware Kernel Module Technology

Our firmware program converts the drive system performance corresponding to each group of sensor signal into dozens of adjustable parameters. The riding experience that suits best different bicycle models and your specific ideas of the riding behavior can be adjusted and implemented. This gives you the ability to create your brand-specific riding behavior.

Performance Customization

Modular design also provides riders with more flexible personalized settings. Through Hyena app or service tool, users or bicycle dealers can further adjust performance at each riding assist segment according to their riding preferences. For example, travelers can preset a lower riding assist ratio to emphasize range more than acceleration.

Standard Drive System Kits

To help our business partners build ideal e-bikes quickly with lower barriers, Hyena provides a comprehensive e-bike development service and standard drive system kits for city bikes, trekking bikes, road bikes, and high power sporty bikes. Each drive system kit is programmed with our firmware settings specially adjusted for each specific riding condition and has been field-tested for thousands of kilometers.





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