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To help our business partners build ideal e-bikes quickly with lower barriers, Hyena provides a comprehensive e-bike development service and standard drive system kits for city bikes, trekking bikes, road bikes, and high power sporty bikes. Each drive system kit is programmed with our firmware settings specially adjusted for each specific riding condition and has been field-tested for thousands of kilometers.


Hyena e-City Drive System Kit features a lightweight, efficiency and pure design, provides urban cycler a comfortable and natural riding condition. Light up your commute experience effortlessly across the seam of the city.

  • 250W rear hub threaded-type motor
  • 320Wh rear carrier battery with built-in controller
  • Single side torque + cadence sensor (upgradeable)
  • Handlebar LED console
  • Range up to 100km
  • E-Trekking

    Hyena e-Trekking Drive System Kit provides great energy-efficiency and endurance to support your every adventure whether riding at steep climbs or break the winds. Light up your tour and exploration of every territory.

  • 250W rear hub cassette-type motor
  • 350Wh intube battery with intube controller
  • Single side torque + cadence sensor (upgradeable)
  • Handlebar all-in-one LCD console
  • Range up to 110km
  • E-Road

    Hyena e-Road Drive System Kit’s slimline silhouette make it capable fully concealed in the bike frame. It delivers excellent performance in its almost invisible appearance and amazingly lightweight under 3.8kg. Light up your road and gravel adventure with potent power in slim shape.

  • 250W lightweight rear hub cassette-type motor
  • 250Wh extra-slim intube battery with built-in controller
  • Double side ISIS type torque + cadence sensor
  • Top tube embedded LED console
  • Range up to 80km
  • E-Dynamic

    Hyena e-Dynamic Drive System Kit gives extra power and acceleration for speed lovers. The boost-up power rocket you forward and extends your exciting uphill or downhill challenge, light up the moment of breaking limitation.

    • 350W rear hub cassette-type motor
    • 500Wh semi-intube battery
    • Universal controller
    • Double side torque + cadence sensor
    • Handlebar all-in-one LCD console
    • Range up to 120km

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