Hyena e-Bike System standard kits offer different choices for every riding condition and territory use. We provide a wonderful riding experience and enjoyment through our perfect synchronization of hardware, firmware, and software.

Hyena technology offers customers select not only standard kits but also friendly-combined systems. Every Hyena e-bike component is designed to work with each other which allows customers to diversify their product portfolio.


Hydrive E-Bike Solution_Hardware_city icon

Hyena e-City System features a lightweight, efficiency and pure design, provides urban cycler a comfortable and natural riding condition. Light up your commute experience effortlessly across the seam of the city.

-Best-in-class 250 W rear hub motor
-320 Wh large capacity carrier battery
-Best value torque sensor
-Standard carrier available


Hydrive E-Bike Solution_Hardware_trekking icon

Hyena e-Trekking System provides great energy-efficiency and endurance to support your every adventure
whether riding at steep climbs or break the winds. Light up your tour and exploration of every territory.

-Best-in-class 250 W rear hub motor
-350 Wh in-tube battery
-Best value torque sensor
-All-in-one LCD remote control


Hydrive-E-Bike-Solution_Hardware_mtb icon

Hyena e-MTB System with Brose central motor is the best solution for extreme athletes who pursuits high handling and performance. The power of e-MTB extends your exciting uphill or downhill challenge, light up the moment of breaking limitation.

-90 Nm torque
-high performance Brose central motor
-630 Wh high capacity in-tube battery
-All-in-one LCD console

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