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Frame Embedded Console

LED Chip

LED Chip frame embedded console features compact size, single button, multi-color LED indicators, designed to mount into the bike frame to keep the bike elegant outlook.

Born For The Purest Cycling

LED Chip pursuits full integration with the bike frame and appears a modern and slim outlook. It simple and aesthetically, and presents important e-bike information including battery charge status and riding support level.

Intuitively Interface

Blue LED indicators show the battery status when system-on, single press to switch it to support level adjusting mode, then short press to adjust the riding support level.

Light status

LED Chip has one main status indicator light and 3 support/battery level indicator lights.

Main Status Light

The main LED above the power button shows on/off status, Bluetooth connection(Blue), and error alert (red).

Battery Status (Blue)

At normal mode, the LED lights are in blue, indicating the battery charge level.

Riding Support Level (Red)

Under support level adjusting mode, single press to adjust between level 0 to level 3.

Bluetooth® Compatible

LED Chip is compatible with both Bluetooth® for easy connectivity with Hyena Rider Assistant smartphone app and Hyena Service Tool.


Number of button

1 button


L68 x W29 x H19 mm


Bluetooth 4.2 BLE / Hyena 6P

Operating voltage

10 ~ 14 V

Quiescent current


Waterproof level


Mounting Parameter

Mounting position

Bike frame

Cable length

55 ± 5 mm

LED Indicator Information

Motor support level

0 ~ 3

Battery status

3 segments

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1_Hyena_E-Bike_Hardware solution_HMI_LCD Compact EX (Croco H)

LCD Compact EX
All In One Handlebar HMI

2_Hyena_E-Bike_Hardware solution_HMI_LED Muilti

LED Multi
Handlebar Console

3_Hyena_E-Bike_Hardware solution_HMI_LED Chip

LED Chip
Frame Embedded Console


5_Hyena E-Bike solution app_SW_Rider assistant app_Dashboard_default mode

Hyena Rider Assistant
Smartphone App

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