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Drive System Units

According to different model designs, we organize more flexible options to configure motor, battery, HMI, and sensor, bringing infinite possibilities and innovations for creating e-bikes, which also means greater integration technologies, tests, and fine tunes we demand. It will take a longer time to do different certifications for different configurations. Therefore, the recommended off-the-shelf standard system units are provided. You can quickly advance your blueprint to the Prototyping phase with the options. With shorter processes and prepared development support materials, your ideal e-bikes will be promptly on the road.

Recommended Drive System Units

by bike categories

System Default Settings

To help our partners easily and quickly adopt Hyena drive system units to the e-bike. All the standard system units are pre-programmed with specific riding performances for different riding conditions. Based on these basic settings, you can further adjust your e-bike performance via our modular firmware technology.

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