Bicycle Category Specialist

Employment Type: Full Time | Location: Taichung, Taiwan

We are building a new Bicycle Category Management Team, looking for passionate, creative, innovative people to together develop a smart, user-friendly, regenerative, and sustainable modern cycling world with other cycling-loving, passionate, and driven colleagues.

As an extension of the product team, the bicycle category manager’s goal will be to use their experience to assist colleagues and customers in understanding related knowledge of bicycles and drive system products and cooperate with the development team to improve Hyena’s product line, including identifying market trends and consumer needs, developing product strategy and roadmaps, and supporting execution product development from start to finish.

Responsibilities and How You’ll Make a Difference

  • Spread and your strong passion for cycling.
  • Elevate the team’s cycling knowledge and optimize the e-bike riding experience by design internal education.
  • Ride, do, and feedback: You will be a ride/assemble tester to test different prototype e-bikes, gather data, and provide your insight and specialist expertise of bicycle to support product teams to deliver the concept (e.g. riding experience, product using experience, software using experience), eventually to commercialize the concepts into a viable product.
  • Storytelling: You will also work closely with the marketing team to tell the why behind the product; help coordinate photos/videos/pitches for marketing and product instructions; prepare bikes/equipment following team requirements.
  • Report on the results of your efforts.
  • Growth: You will have the opportunity to assist in the field of product development project management.

Qualifications, Skills, And Abilities

  • Love of cycling and travel.
  • Well experience in cycling, understand bicycle industry and events.
  • Mechanical abilities for building/tuning bikes.
  • Ability to understand the riders and drive initiatives based on observed trends.
  • Verbal and written communication in English and/or Mandarin
  • Effective oral and written communication with teammates, capable of maintaining strong relationships.
  • Fluency in Microsoft Office programs (PowerPoint, Words, etc.)

Bonus point

  • Experience in bicycle coaching is a plus.
  • Experience working in a bike shop/workshop is a plus.
  • Experience working with international cultures is a plus.
  • Have knowledge of Adobe Design Suite is a plus.
  • A strong passion for an active lifestyle is a plus.

How you'll start your actual tasks

  • Short Term: You will work with the Technical Service Dept. to gain your knowledge of Hyena’s products. You will participate in the e-bike field test and generate reports; assemble the e-bike, visit the bike assembly factory and use your knowledge to support our client; participate in the product manual/guide-related projects.
  • Mid Term: Use your knowledge to generate the analysis report of Hyena’s product lines and competitor’s products.
  • Long Term: Join the product development, deliver the initial product spec and planning sheet base on the analysis and user experience.

Apply for a Senior Position

We also offer a senior position of the Bicycle Category Specialist (manager), the qualifications for applying for the senior position as below:

  • 3+ years within the bicycle industry.
  • Strong presentation skill
  • Manage schedules: Excellent organization and time management skills, balancing and prioritizing multiple projects simultaneously with little direction.
  • Demonstrated leadership capability, including the ability to motivate, lead, negotiate and influence, especially when collaborating with cross-functional teams.
  • Ability to identify consumer and market trends to determine new product opportunities.
  • Ability to develop product lineup, specifications, pricing, competitive analysis, and product launch timeline.
  • Prepare your work plan.

Salary Range

  • Bicycle Category Specialist: 400K – 500K NTD per year
  • Senior Bicycle Category Specialist: 520K – 780K NTD per year


Please deliver your application via below link:

Bicycle Category Specialist

Senior Bicycle Category Specialist

Or, please send your application to

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